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"With Marketing Essentials, we revamped our website and social media to focus on potential customers and their specific needs.  Results have skyrocketed" 

- Kelley, CEO Maine Vet Homes

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What is Google Looking For?

Our society puts a lot of emphasis on first page rank in Google search results. Google admits, “For a typical query, there are thousands, even millions, of webpages with potentially relevant information.”

The mystery is, what does it take to win the equivalent of a gold medal in the Google Olympics? Let’s take a look at some Google-inspired advice for website owners.

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 3 Tactics to Lower Your Cost Per Lead

As a marketer, you are constantly confronted with the task to minimize and optimize your company’s Cost Per Lead. Are you still calculating your Cost Per Lead (CPL) for outbound marketing but ignoring inbound digital marketing?

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Drive Quality Leads by Mapping Your Buyers Journey

One of the biggest challenges many B2B or B2C organizations face is generating a strong pipeline of quality leads. Continuous quality sales leads are the cornerstone of any successful business in any industry. But your sales cycle is lengthening, as these statistics show: 

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