Are you getting the most from your inbound digital marketing strategy?

In a matter of minutes,  uncover the strengths and weaknesses in your digital program using our Digital Marketing Checklist. 

digital marketing checklist 2020

The checklist will help you answer questions such as:  

  • Do your digital marketing goals accurately align with sales goals and broader company goals?
  • Are you using email automation to the highest level of efficiency?
  • Do you know which acquisition sources generate the most leads (organic, social, referral, direct, PPC)?
  • Are your properly nurturing MQLs (marketing qualified leads) to SQLs (sales qualified leads) through your digital channels?
  • Do you have the proper data reports and ROI to share with upper management?
  • Are you missing the most effective strategies in 2020?

Get 50+ questions designed to help you uncover where opportunity exists.




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