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Build a Bridge Between Sales & Marketing



How to Increase Sales Productivity, Marketing ROI and Top-Line Growth

Break down the barriers and build a bridge toward collaborative efforts between marketing and sales. Learn how to align the two teams and implement sales enablement strategies that improve ROI, productivity and company growth.

build-bridge-sales-marketing-What You’ll Get Inside:

Introduction: It takes one team, one goal, one vision.

Chapter 1: A Shared View of the Buyer’s Journey

Chapter 2: Top Challenges Faced

Chapter 3: What is Sales Enablement?

Chapter 4: Unite with a Sales Enablement Strategy

Chapter 5: How to Enable a Digitally-Driven Sales Process

  • SLAs

  • Lead Qualification

  • Smarketing Meetings

  • Content Creation

  • Tools & Technology

  • Customer Retention & Upselling

Bonus: Where to Start Sales Enablement Checklist

About Marketing Essentials:

We are a results-driven team of digital marketing and sales experts who have worked with top B2B and B2C companies. We provides sales services and consultation to help companies sell more efficiently at a higher velocity. Our sales services include: sales and marketing alignment facilitation and development, sales enablement coaching and consulting, sales process assessment and implementation, digital sales coaching, CRM implementation and more.




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