Equip Your Sales Team with Virtual Selling Techniques -- and Achieve Next-Level Results

The Game Has Changed

Sales teams today face a new environment. Virtual and digital interactions have become the norm for buyers -- not the exception. What does this mean for a seasoned sales team relying on legacy sales techniques?

It’s time to embrace change. Sales teams must acclimate to a new model of selling that educates first…and builds relationships virtually.

Introducing Virtual Selling Solutions -- a proven sales strategy that equips sales teams with the strategy, skills, tools and coaching they need to create stronger relationships and close more deals, even when person-to-person meetings are off the table.


of the buyer's journey is now digital


of buyers make a purchase decision based on the purchase experience, rather than product or price


the time B2B buyers spend researching before contacting a salesperson


of late-stage prospects who received a personalized video closed

Successful Sales Teams are Embracing the New Buyer’s Journey

For many years, sales teams have relied on in-person meetings, trade shows and handselling opportunities to bring in new leads and close deals. But buying behavior has been changing, and the ongoing pandemic has only accelerated this change. 

Buyers have information at their fingertips and are conducting more independent, online research on products and services than ever before. They aren’t reaching out to sales until much further along in the decision-making process.

The recent global crisis has pushed buyers to become even more reliant on digital technologies and virtual interactions. Add into the mix -- trade shows canceled, travel budgets cut -- and boom. Now what?

The reality is that the buying and selling environment isn’t going to go back to the way it was. Buyers have shifted. Successful sales teams are shifting with them.

Sales teams are now pivoting from a traditional approach to a modern, virtual selling approach. Sales is all about providing value. It’s about building relationships. But how do you build relationships outside a tradeshow mixer? 

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Essential Virtual Selling Tools [Checklist]

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Prospecting in a New Era

Now is the time to embrace social media tools and online research to get to know prospects virtually. Look at their LinkedIn profiles and experiences they have shared. Make a connection and begin the conversation online. Provide helpful tips and educational resources. 

Analyze the buyer’s journey and uncover the pain points. Align your sales process and conversations to those pain points to provide value at each stage to help solve a problem. Start to build a relationship online (where they are every day!) that provides value to the buyer.

Leverage video, email and other online engagement tools to further strengthen the relationship and maintain momentum.

Symbol of email

Reach out via video emails.

symbol of video conferencing

Get on a video conference call.

symbol of a webinar

Conduct an Educational Webinar

symbol for lunch

Organize a Virtual Lunch

If you haven’t yet, start training your sales team on how to use LinkedIn, email, live chat and messenger bots, personalized video, webinars and other engagement tools so they can connect 1-on-1. Invest the time they used to spend doing meetings, events and tradeshows into virtual prospecting. 

PRO TIP: Your prospects may be more easily distracted in a virtual setting. Be prepared to know how to manage the environment and effectively use technology to keep your audience focused on the conversation.

Get Tips, Tricks & Tools for a Successful Video Sales Call

How to Transition to a Virtual Selling Solution

There is no time for “I’m not comfortable on video” or “I’m not tech-savvy.” Sales is a numbers game, and your competitors are likely already embracing a virtual selling solution. Now is the time to move. With a plan of action in place, a virtual selling solution can allow your team to start achieving results immediately.

graphic of sales cycle

Shorten the sales cycle

graphic of increased productivity

Increase productivity

graphic of building relationships

Build Stronger Relationships

graphic of hitting sales quotas

Hit Sales Quotas

graphic of driving revenue

Drive More Revenue

5 Steps to Virtual Selling

learn more about each of these steps in our expert sales coaching video.

Step 1: Conduct Buyer Research

Step 2: Utilize 1-to-1 Videos

Step 3: Create Virtual Sales Presentations

Step 4: Conduct Live Webinars, Virtual Trade Shows & Video Demonstrations

Step 5: Repurpose Virtual Content on Social Media

A Virtual Sales Solutions

At Marketing Essentials, our Virtual Selling Solutions equip salespeople with the strategy, skills, tools and coaching needed to prospect online, sell virtually and drive increased revenue. While we believe the best results are achieved when these steps are taken in sequence, you can apply them individually to suit your needs.


Through a free, comprehensive audit, we identify what sales processes, tools and skill sets you already have in place. Then, we identify what you need to get up and running with a virtual selling program that helps you not only reach but exceed your sales goals.

  1. Uncover Strengths and Weaknesses
  2. Identify what is and is not generating revenue
  3. Map out a cost-effective plan for moving ahead
  4. Determine what you need to get legacy sales team members on board

Free Sales Process Audit [Checklist] 

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We will map out a new strategic sales process based on your customers’ needs today and how their decision-making has shifted in light of global changes. Your sales team will advance to a new level of selling where they align how they sell to how customers buy, and they will be more efficient than ever before using virtual tools and digital technologies. With the right approach, they can do everything they have been doing out in the field, only via video.

This includes:

  1. Uncovering prospects’ challenges and needs
  2. Creating and strengthening relationships to build trust
  3. Accelerating the sales cycle to build momentum
  4. Winning the sale!

Implement a Winning Sales Strategy & Coaching

We will equip your team for success by providing the coaching and tools they need to sell in a virtual environment. We’ll share the latest practices used in the field today, so your team is aware of both the challenges and opportunities of selling in a virtual space.

Each program is customized to fit your organization’s needs, whether it’s coaching, tactical execution or technology support. Some of the tactical virtual selling programs we can discuss include: 

  1. Crm & sales process alignment
  2. 1-to-1 video & email coaching
  3. Linkedin & virtual prospecting coaching
  4. How to build a personal relationship virtually
  5. Webinar strategy creation
  1. How to create video demos & email content
  2. Pipeline and data analysis support

In Summary

Most people know how important sales are to an organization: They’re the lifeblood. That’s why it’s critical to invest in the tools, training and skills salespeople need to excel at what they do best. 

With a Virtual Selling Solution in hand, your sales team can make virtual connections that engage new prospects and build valuable long-term relationships. Toss out cold calling and wasted meetings. It’s time to embrace a personalized and human-to-human experience, no matter where you or your buyers are located. It’s time to switch your sales quota from your goal -- to your starting point.

“The talented team and leadership at Marketing Essentials enabled us to quickly pivot from our conventional, face-to-face sales interaction and print media advertising to a digital-focused, online promotion, virtual sales environment .... The results speak for themselves: increased web traffic, shorter order cycles, more leads and more orders … better results in a receding market situation.” - Mike Monnin, GM-Sales & Marketing at OTC DAIHEN, Inc.

“The sales process has changed dramatically in recent years due to technology and then again in 2020 as new virtual experiences evolved. With the Marketing Essentials Social Selling class, our sales team was able to stay ahead of the curve. This class taught our team how to fully utilize LinkedIn to prospect and connect with potential clients, how to post content and engage, and how to craft video emails … our sales reps gained an edge in an increasingly competitive market.” -  Nick Mihacevich - VP of Sales at M-Line

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